Plaid is STILL IN – 10 Days to Plaid Nation

July 9, 2009

Holy hell, has it been a year all ready? That’s right – Plaid, the folks behind Brandflakes for Breakfast, are starting Plaid Nation in a mere ten days! What is Plaid Nation? Why, an excellent question to ask – Plaid Nation is a “rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.” […]

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Twitter – Niches, Not Follower Counts

July 2, 2009

Let me break down twitter for you. It’s been abused by Oprah and Ashton Kutcher, it’s been used in by stars to flaunt their nudity (NSFW? I guess…). It’s all the rage and no one knows why. I use twitter quite prolifically – mostly to vent, sometimes to ask questions. I don’t use auto-follow, I […]

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Six SEO Experts on Twitter

June 30, 2009

I’ve been on twitter since sometime in 2008 (I assume, this is as far back as twitter is showing me). In that time, I’ve added a ton of followers, and constantly sorting through the requests I’ve received. I don’t follow everyone. Particularly “Gurus” with thousands of following/followers. I don’t follow people who primarily use Twitterfeed […]

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Death of the Domain Name – Long Live Search Engines

June 8, 2009

Reading on SlashDot about buying a domain name from a cyber-squatter it made me think of the constant issues people/new businesses have before they’re really even on the web. What Domain Name Defines Me, as a Person? I can’t help not thinking of Fight Club when I sue that line. It’s strangely very accurate, as […]

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Dojo Basics

June 4, 2009

When you start developing in any JavaScript framework, you’re stuck wondering where to begin. Everyone’s got a tutorial, and an opinion, but when you’ve got “an idea” and just need to delve into the code to make it happen (say… porting functions? Figuring out the basics?) then sometimes wandering through the API isn’t the best […]

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