The Keif behind iKeif

by Keif

Call me Keif

Also known as: Keith Baker, Keifers, et. al.

I’m a father first, a web developer second. I’m also a life-long student (I’ve studied Art, Philosophy, Web Design, Development, MIS, Marketing, and it continues), dog-owner, all-around geek, philosopher wannabe, green-energy aficionado, Buddhist-in-training, and drinker of fine mead, wine and beer.

I work for Resource Interactive as a web developer/code monkey that focuses on Front End Development, but pull double duty as a social media, usability and accessibility enthusiast, metrics/analytics evangelist, and SEO Researcher.

I’m a fan of mootools and jQuery and have started doing some development with Dojo JavaScript Framework.

I play guitar on occasion. I blog sometimes. I find the social web movement and the future of our internet freedom interesting. I’m interested in copyright law, intellectual property and freedom of speech.

My heroes include

Ben Franklin, Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesus. My father, mother and brothers and sisters for all they’ve done and continue to do. I’m working towards a Personal MBA while I wrap up school studying marketing and computer science.

iKeif Design

I use the Thesis theme because it’s one of the best themes I’ve seen. I even got the developer license so I can spread the love.

The images are various image results, usually tweaked and edited from wherever – with one exception being an image from the webcomic GOATS (monkey pirate robot).

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