Plaid is STILL IN – 10 Days to Plaid Nation

by keif on July 9, 2009

Holy hell, has it been a year all ready?

That’s right – Plaid, the folks behind Brandflakes for Breakfast, are starting Plaid Nation in a mere ten days!

What is Plaid Nation?

Why, an excellent question to ask – Plaid Nation is a “rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.

Or – social media in motion. We’re talking live streaming video, interviews with some of the Internet 1337 –

In their venture, they managed to interview Robert Scoble, Cathy Brooks from Seesmic and Biz Stone (of his many involvementsTwitter being the one you probably know).

Awesome People, Awesome Concept, Awesome Execution.

Cool schwag for Plaid Nation!

Cool schwag for Plaid Nation!

To celebrate the occasion, I got a care package in the mail (I feel so special! GLEE!) Inside, I have a shirt, some buttons (to add to the collection on my bag… my sad sad bag from L.L. Bean that’s been abused for 11 years counting…) and an air freshner! (I’m assuming, as it looks to hang from the rear view mirror. Or they think my car stinks. Damn you, Plaid…)

As last year I caught wind after the fact, this year they won’t be too far from home base – they’re hitting Chicago on July 22, and Indianapolis on July 23 – I’m debating making the road trip to catch the ride from Columbus (why aren’t they coming here?)

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Plaid yet – they’ve got some new digital freebies up for this year, complete with theme song :) and a twitter stream to help the normals check in on the fun. So Darryl, you may be getting an email from me if I can pry myself away from work for a day or two and make my own road trip (without a live stream of the trip, but I can tweet away) to see how much of the Plaid fever I can catch.

  • darrylohrt

    Keith – if you decide to make the journey to Indianapolis, keep an eye on the @plaid twitter stream for our whereabouts. Snack time and lunch times are good times for meet ups. Definitely give us a shout if you decide to make the drive!

  • irj

    Hey Keith, thanks for the PlaidNation love! Now we need to do our part. Can you email me your contact info and t-shirt size so we can send you some sweet tour gear…much like the tour gear featured in the pic on your post, only cooler? Thanks!

  • Andrew Chen

    Keith, how do I get ahold of you? Couldn't find an email or contact form.

    Here's my bio:

    Looking for some recommendations for frontend engineers…


  • keif

    Andrew, I can be reached

  • hudsonbar

    Where can i have more info on this ?


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