Who doesn’t hate supporting IE6?

by keif on September 2, 2008

Chris Coyier – whose blog I’ve read for some time – wrote a little script for those developers out there that want to quit supporting IE6. Naturally, it’s built on jQuery (the javascirpt for designers).

Death to IE6!

It’s kind of funny, because earlier this week I read from Elliot Jay Stock’s blog that August 27th was the seventh anniversary of the launch of IE6.

A few sites have all ready indicated they’re goign to stop IE6 support -Apple’s MobileMe (according to an email on June 9th, 2008), 37singals (as of August 15th, 2008), and facebook recommends you upgrade (or try a different browser – as of November 26th, 2007). Now – it’s funny, because back in the day, sites used to have that stipulation of “best viewed on” or…

Dude, you need to upgrade.

So we’re telling people to start upgrading to IE7, because they’ve been lagging. We did it before, but it was deemed “in bad taste.” We shouldn’t tell people what to browse with. Yet we don’t support earlier versions, so…

Yet we deemed it good taste to tell people to upgrade flash – “because hey, everyone else is doing it.” So the flip-side is flash is a plug-in, and Internet Explorer 6 is a monstrosity. But guess what? You can code a little link to bypass flash detection so users can still see the flash, with the warning that it may not be “up to snuff” without

Nostradamus predicted IE’s doom.

Maybe not – but I know this wasn’t the first IE Death March – I can’t dig up information on the last one, or the last “I don’t support IE6 banner” so I sincerely doubt this new attempt will do much.

But as “major” sites stop supporting IE6, maybe we’ll see a reduction of IE6 users as a whole faster than Microsoft was able to do with their “forced” upgrade to IE7.

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