The Daily Show for August 29th, 2008

by keif on August 30, 2008

I’m a big Jon Stewart fan – from his days on Fox with The Jon Stewart Show to The Daily Show.

I bring this up, because I have a friend at Comedy Central, who was quick to tell me when The Daily Show went online – with full episodes! That’s not new now, of course – they’ve had them up awhile. Colbert followed suit. Even South Park has episodes online now.

The TV is dying. Torrents reign supreme.

Roughly ten minutes after any show, it’s online in HD. South Park. Family Guy. News. Olympics. You can PVR, DVR, all you want – but someone else did you the favor of ripping out the commercials and delivering an HD copy to the masses. Sometimes they’ll brand a logo on the screen, but as more and more “groups” are doing it, it’s just a tagline on the download.

These shows – quasi-political (because they tout themselves on a comedy channel – you remember that right? He basically said “you suck” to their face, and they criticized his “news reporting” – to which he responded, in my words:

I’m a comedian, you dickheads. I’m on Comedy Central. YOU ARE ON A LEGIT NEWS CHANNEL.

View it, enjoy for yourselves.

The point of all this is – why aren’t more shows doing this?

The rough beginnings of TV online.

We’ve got – it’s even got movies! It’s also legit. Netflix also streams movies – if you’re on a windows PC and agree to their DRM laden player.

We’ve got – which I’m not sure of its legality. I think they’re basically skirting around by not hosting anything. It’s all on video hosting sites instead.

LegalMovies.Tv – I haven’t looked into this at all in terms of legality. They stream EVERYTHING – screeners, cams, rips – so my only guess is internationalization?

Enjoy last night’s Daily Show online – for free. This is the point of it all – stuff that helps inform a topic (politics) that so many people treat very disdainfully. They make it fun to know and learn.

Form your own opinions.

Never take it from one source. Never believe those idiotic emails that claim Obama is Osama, or McCain is Hitler. Whenever they say “I checked Snopes!” – check it again. Don’t believe those emails without researching it for yourself. I’ve gotten so many emails that are full of inaccuracies and “selected text” laid out of context.

I’m hoping for a record turn out. I’m not going to make the claims that it will be – I think it should be – but time will tell.

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