Early Adopters – Why For Art Thou Retarded?

by keif on August 28, 2008

So I was reading Mashable on 4 Questions For Early Adopters… and it made me think about all those people that rushed to get an iPhone. No doubt, you may have seen the various articles depicting reasons to avoid it like the plague – you know, Apple is hipster, you’re just buying hype, Steve Jobs is a hypocrite, Apple is the new Microsoft, Apple wouldn’t let me upgrade my 1st gen iPhone that I got on opening day, etc. etc.

Early Adopters Get Screwed.

Like Bill Hicks said before me – there is no joke here whatsover. Early adopters get screwed. You buy first generation products, you get first generation screw-ups, defects, and get to PAY to do QA work!

I know people who’ve canceled their contracts to get an iPhone (paying the UNGODLY termination fee), people who upgraded just to get the iPhone, people who got the iPhone JUST BECAUSE it’s an Apple product, and people who think that running one application at a time is an awesome “feature.”

I want an iPhone.

There is nothing wrong with wanting. It’s a cool, snazzy little device. It’s overpriced, it’s bogged down to the point of getting the most use out of it requires you to hack it. They’ve got a million and one cool applications. BUT!

Always a butt. A sexy, curvacious… wait, wrong post.

I do not want something that I can’t do what I want with it after spending a few hundred dollars on it. When the iPhone becomes basically a mini-PC (Android?) that allows me to run google maps AND a little application that tells me what food/entertainment is near here – I’ll be all over it. But until then, I’ll stick with Verizon and probably getting a blackberry curve (or maybe the LG Dare? – oh wait, there isn’t an SDK to play with) – oh wait! Blackberry Thunder should be arriving!

We’ll see when I get around to getting a new phone.

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