The History of Social Media

by keif on July 31, 2008

Over the next few weeks (or less, or more) I plan on doing some research into Social Media. Now the irony here, is that traditional research would require book research, texts, etc. to get the information.

Social Media – it’s the new Internets!

Since Social Media is an online phenomenon, I’ll be doing most of my research here – the various sites, clouds, tubes, et. al. to get a “definitive” answer on Social Media. I’ve all ready stumbled on some early marketing materials, and a couple educational publications doting on Social Media’s rich history (since 1996!)

This will be the first in a small series, and it’ll continue for as long as I can dig up the short lived history of social media.

Social Media Quick Facts:

  1. The first social media site is generaly considered to be “”
    • Please note – I’m talking about Social Media sites. I may delve into the history a little further, but that may be overkill and bore us all to tears.
  2. The Six Degrees site was based off of the idea of “small world phenomenon” most frequently cited as “any person is no more than six degrees away from knowing everyone,” which also became attributed to Kevin Bacon being the center of the Hollywood Universe (which, itself is constantly shifting).
  3. Kevin Bacon set up as a charity, and has parodied his “game” numerous times.

Next up – a little more into the history of Social Media and its backstory!

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