Side Projects and Distractions

by keif on July 2, 2008

I know I’ve made this into more a link dump as late – but I try to add a little flavor to my collections, and perhaps it’s time to reveal what’s been taking up my time.

I recently returned from my brother’s wedding in Denver (Congratulations, bro!), was able to enjoy Wynkoop‘s
, check out the Denver Zoo and Denver’s Museum of
Nature and Science
hangout with the family (one of whom
it’s been nearly two years since I saw him last).
If I paid for flicker, and if I ever uploaded my pictures, I’d share them. Needless to stay,
my break from school was quite full. I listened to a friend’s suggestion and picked up a couple Nintendo DS’s for the trip – and we’re glad we did, especially when my wife and I watched our American Airlines flight get delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At least it was delayed later in Chicago, otherwise we would’ve ended up there for awhile.

School has began once again at Columbus State,
so I’m still paying for my “sins” of taking the interesting stuff early, so I must trudge through more math this quarter. At least I’m in my groove and busting through it quickly. The ball is rolling for my transfer – but I’ve decided to get my Associate’s Degree in Science before transferring.

Work’s been busy, but in terms of “code outside of work” I’ve been working on flexing my Adobe Flex, Actionscript and MooTools skills. I’ve got a good plan of attack on that front, which lead to a few side projects.

  1. – a site dedicated to best practices. Why Because everything else was taken. It’s built on DokuWiki! No databases. It’s totally open to be edited, and I haven’t settled on the format, the theme or anything.
  2. MooForums – I’m *really* not happy with what’s been going on with MooTools. I plan on taking PhpBB and merging it with MooTools flavor and hopefully getting the MooTools community on board with it. Google Groups is not the home to a community – it’s too unorganized and closed off. It’s lost the family feeling it had (well, on the MooTools forums it was often like talking to your older brothers, sometimes you get help, sometimes you don’t).
  3. MooTools Classes and Plug-ins – this ties into, as I plan on using it to hold my code and host it for general consumption. From my own findings, I can hopefully accurately document the best ways to write code (with everyone’s help).
  4. – when I get this fleshed out, I’ll get something there. For now, it’s a planned site ;

Now outside of work, I’ve been reading more – The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin – watching some Weeds, Venture Brothers, and Paul Giamatti‘s AMAZING performance in John Adams.

I’m debating joining up in StartUp Weekend Columbus – the jury’s still out. It’s looking favorable.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you?

  • Alvin Borromeo

    My vote is for you to go to Startup Weekend Columbus. :) But I’m biased. Would love to see you go though. The more developers the better!

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