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by keif on June 29, 2008

What follows is a conversation I found waiting in my IM when I got home the other night. This is my friend *speaking* – it’s not me, it’s not my replies, and I dropped his IM name for the sake of everyone involved ;).

so today I’m talking to my dad on the phone and he asks me “so you still like Obama?” 9:36
and I say “yeah, why?” 9:37
turns out he’s been letting himself be brainwashed by right wing talk radio while he’s at work 9:37
he manages to keep finding things to say to make me think he’s a jackass 9:37
haha 9:38
so I ask him, what don’t you like about him? 9:38
and he starts off by saying he disagrees with national healthcare 9:38
what???? 9:38
who in their right mind could disagree with that? 9:39
so I ask if he saw ‘Sicko’ 9:39
and his answer is “oh that’s just propaganda” 9:39
THAT’S propaganda? 9:40
how about the right wing agenda-pushing one-sided brain-washing wool over the eyes bullshit you’re subjecting yourself to on a daily basis? 9:40
so that shit went straight to the top of his netflix 9:40
I swear to god, he blows my fucking mind sometimes 9:41
I’d respect it more if these were opinions he formed on his own after educating himself on both sides of the issues 9:41
but he’s just blindly eating whatever bullshit they’re shoving down his throat 9:41
I’m fucking baffled 9:42
he’ll end up voting for McCain too 9:43
cause he’s too lazy and disinterested to actually form his own opinions about these types of things 9:43
he’d rather stick with the zero effort pack mentality 9:44
which means listening to all his nigger-hating backwoods no-brain Urbana friends and swallowing whatever self-serving Fox news bullshit Rush Limbaugh regurgitates every day 9:44
I am officially ashamed 9:45
while his wife is running for office on the democratic ticket no less!!

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