Why do you blog?

by keif on April 29, 2008

This becomes the paradigm of blogging in general – and I’ve pondered this thanks to a comment Andrea Hill left me the other day.

Why do you blog?

I maintain a few (I have a Livejournal, too!) and I determine what I want to put where, and why that blog exists. I determine what vibe I want the blog to portray. I originally kept a very rigid divide between anything I ever wrote – I wanted it to be anonymous, I wanted to be untouchable. Now I write for a few blogs (some more than others).

This blog is mine – it’s all about me, and I use it as an outward facing blog so I can write about my successes and failures, my writing, my thoughts, and whatever I think is amusing. I use it as an excuse to write about what I’ve learned, code I’m learning/playing with.

On another blog, I may focus on a niche topic. Something that is introspective, or a topic I want to learn more about (and share what I’ve learned, still).

It’s a matter of personal freedom to stand behind what I write
and if I’m wrong – so be it, lesson learned. But you can’t be proven wrong unless you put it out there.

  • http://www.afhill.com/blog Andrea Hill

    Wow, all the cool kids use(d) LJ!

    • http://ikeif.net keif

      I still use it, it just tends to be more code related, or personal.

      I owe my current lot in life to LJ – no joke – my job, my skill sets, and a few friends…

  • Denise

    I blog as a way of documenting life and knowledge in the hope that if one day if I ever suffer traumatic head injury, I will be able to somehow piece parts of my life back together via my journal entries. As in “WTF? I _worked_ with the _intertubes_? AND I HAD A KID?

    Also, I blog because in becoming a parent, I have a much stronger, primitive drive to pick up a pillow and smother my own screams as the baby girl wakes me up for the 4th time each night. And somehow, getting to blog about it makes me feel better without all the messy overhead of self defenestration.

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