You Can Do It Yourself

by Keif on April 21, 2008

I signed up for email alerts for The Personal MBA. I did so because they present this list of 69 business books (called – surprise! – the Personal MBA reading list) – and a few of the books I happened to all ready be reading. The emails aren’t exactly gold-star material, but they essentially spark a conversation well enough to show the true quality in the content.

The Personal MBA is basically a reading list compilation of some excellent books on a wide range of topics. The benefit of the email list, is some of the tidbits – like a story of a certain student who dropped out of college (because he didn’t like that the college tried to tell him what he could study) and focused his studies on what he wanted – to one day be asked to be a professor on the topic. Check out more on Joseph Campbell, a professor on comparative mythology and religion.

The point is not that this series of book will make me some kind of genius – the point is that perhaps some of the information will stick, make me think, and make me a more informed individual. I may not be the next Trump – but I could be a better boss, a better leader, a better employee, or maybe even a better teacher.

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