Weird week, baby drama, PHP code.

by Keif on April 19, 2008

I am bloody exhausted.

This week, I’ve dealt with some rough issues, some weird projects, weird code, and a lack of sleep. My eating’s been better, though, except a couple iced coffee drinks and a “50 cent no-joke” McD’s ice cream cone.

My son was sick, so I skipped class that night as it was one of those “really don’t know what’s going on” issues. We did our best to hold out on freaking out, but last night while we were out our baby sitter called us and let us know he was getting sick (and I must say, she handled it like a trooper). This morning we opted to take him to the Doctor’s office (mostly for my peace of mind) – it’s something viral, and we may end up getting it. If it’s just a matter of keeping him fed and hydrated – I can deal with that.

Today, my focus is on class work – catching up, preparing for tests, wiping out issues, etc. etc. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to play with PHP and break out my guitar (I had a late nap, I’m feeling a bit invigorated). So right now, I’m trying to take a break from, well, everything. Maybe I’ll get some writing, drawing and other creative outlets flowing as well…

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