Writing and the miracle of walking away.

by Keif on April 7, 2008

It’s awesome when you’re given a task of writing something you’ve looked into and think not enough has been said on the topic.

As well, it’s awesome to expand another’s work to see if you can – even better when you walk away with a better understanding.

More on those things later – except for my own lack of time for writing. My wheels are always turning. Always. My mind doesn’t shut off, and I find myself multi-tasking in conversations, often to my detriment – I ask people to repeat themselves often to make sure what is going through my head matches what they are saying, as I hate making assumptions, but at the same time, I like to be able to predict what you’re about to say (which comes from impatience, I suppose, which I certainly need to keep in check!)

Here recently I’ve generated a growing list of topics I’d like to write about – here, on my other blogs, and privately, but of course – who has the time? I usually get frustrated at this, and at not taking advantage of the many book son technologies I have in my possession to further my skill set.In one instance, I get upset – I’m not as strong a developer I would like. I’m not as well-versed in certain areas as my co-workers are. In the same light, I feel I’m stronger in certain areas that they aren’t, which is not a commentary on their “lack of” skills, but more-so my own observation on how different personalities approach tasks and see solutions.

From this, I see I’m not being vocal enough. I’m seeing my ideas/thoughts coming to life in tandem, without bringing them up – but this is from a lack of confidence in myself, being surrounded by great minds! I need to speak up a bit sooner (which, I’ve caught myself doing, trying to steer a couple items towards its inevitable destination).

IN TERMS OF WRITING, blogging, etc. etc…

I’m exhausted. I work 40 hours a week or more depending on my workload. I’m in school after work – often until 9 p.m. this quarter. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m an avid reader, coder, theorist, philosopher, xbox media center fan, and a number of other titles, some more useful than others. My plate is very full. It’s times like this, when I get to sit down with the wife and son in bed, with my dog by my side, sipping a drink, that I take that moment to meditate and come to the conclusion that I get a lot done – a lot more than I think. I’ve read several books this year. I nearly got a 4.0 last quarter. This quarter I expect the same – which leads me to my next revelation.

Last night, I was pounding away at Calculus, when I hit a problem I couldn’t figure out. I stared at it, re-read the chapter multiple times, took breaks to read some other books, and came back – to the same, mind-numbing answer of “w-t-f-mate?”

Today, I go to work, I relax, I code on a few projects that I’ve had in mind. Expanding mootools effects n’ such (more later). I get a lot done. I see a couple of others projects expanding as I imagined they would. I have some interesting conversations, read some interesting articles – and I head to class this evening. I come home to my son asleep, and I give the Wife a back-rub and tuck her in, and now, I’m in silence.

So I pull out my calc book, look at the chapter, and the answer hits me in the head. So. Freaking. Clearly. Sometimes you just need to take a days break away from your problem, and suddenly so many other things become more clearly. I can’t gurantee I’ll write as often as I’d like, but I’m trying – and I’ve got loads to discuss. :)

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