GPA for Winter Quarter

by Keif on March 27, 2008

My GPA is 3.796 – boo yeah. I busted my ass to get this far, and I think I succeeded largely in part to returning to a classroom vs. doing it all online.

In all honesty, I  loved doing classes online – it was easy, convenient, and when I was suffering from insomnia, I could read up on classes, do homework and submit it – everything was presented.

Once my son was born, priorities shifted. First child, loving wife, school – guess who lost on the new arrangement? That’s right – school faltered, it got difficult to keep up and stay on schedule. My “dedicated” time was getting split because I had new fatherly duties that overrode the school duties (and rightfully so!). So after talking about it with a few people, I came to the conclusion I needed to attend class on campus- at least for a quarter.

The result show – nearly a 4.0. I still had homework, but often I could accomplish a lot “in class.” This coming quarter, I’ve decided to take one class online – to see how well I can leverage it, as well as my start of a new organizational procedure (lists, Getting Things Done, you know…). After next quarter I may bump it to two classes online.

In the meantime, I’ve filled up my time with writing – announcing a couple new ventures here soon, as I also continue to try to grow and expand my writing (and weigh-in on where I should be posting items, integrating them with twitter and other types of items…)  Basically, I’ve got an increasingly growing list of side-projects while I work towards wrapping up a degree and trying to still be a great father, husband and worker.

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